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As the Charity Partner for our trip, we want to add the ability for people top be able to donate all over the website.

Why am I supporting Beard Season and Melanoma WA?  Well as I had my recent brush with this I wanted to add some funds raising for awareness for others to be able to catch it early like I was able to.  I have a story below which we can have on the website to add in on the partner’s page or charity page.

Why Am I Supporting Melanowa WA

Skin BiospyThe 6-7 m months preparing for the walk across Australia has had many gruelling experiences, including a rolled 4wd, broken toe and my first lot of camels being shot. With all the ups and downs I wanted to make sure that I was in fighting fit condition, ready to take on whatever was thrown at me next.

I got a thorough check-up at the doctor, and as luck would have it, my doctor was also a Skin specialist. On his advice, he did a full mole scan on my entire body. A bit of overkill I thought until he paused during the check of my back.
There was a nasty melanoma right in the dead centre of my back, in a place I could not see, feel or check myself.
My story is a happy one, as I caught it early and have had it removed without a drama. However if not for this expedition, I would not have got a scan, in fact, the one I got was the first I have had in my life.

Melanoma is responsible for more deaths than any other cancer in younger males and most young males under 30 have never been checked.
I wanted to make sure that many more can share the same story as mine, early detection and removal.
I am therefore working with Beard Season and Melanoma WA to talk with people along the trek about getting checked. Encouraging them to where possible.
But we wanted to take it one step further. We will be speaking with mining companies, and other workplaces along the trek and getting doctors to visit and perform check-ups for free along the way. Every time we hit one of the fundraising targets we will book in one of the mine sites I pass for free checks as well as my presentation to them.

Not just awareness but actual detection.

Who is Beard Season?

Check out this 2-minute video to find out about the amazing story behind beard season.

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Beard Season
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Below is the targets required in order to fund these checks :

+ Skin and Sun Safety Presentations delivered by melanomaWA
20 Presentations in Schools, Community Groups and Businesses
Funds Target: $10,000

+ Mine Site Skin Awareness and Skin Check Visits delivered by melanomaWA and Skin Check WA
Funds Target: $10,000 each

+ Health Professional Workshops delivered by melanomaWA, Skin Check WA and Rural Health West (if in Rural WA)
Funds Target: $10,000 each

+ Full Melanoma Awareness Marketing Campaign
Funds Target: $50,000

All funds raised go directly to these programs.

Mission for melanoma WA

If you can assist in any way send me an email or donate now on the link below.

I think this should be enough for the website, however Clinton, if you could edit the above and also add in some links where people can find out some more information and support services or even links to where they can find a specialist to get checked. Ill leave that up too you.

Thanks for this gentlemen, ill be available if any of you want to discuss. The website will be launched in the coming week or so and we should be able to add this In by then.




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